Float Sixty Opening in River North!

FLOAT SIXTY is a modern water retreat featuring state-of-the-art technologies for floating, also know as restricted external sensory therapy (REST).  Our center will offer a variety of modalities for practicing this approach to mind and body renewal and rejuvenation.  Clients will enjoy floatation and hydro massage sessions for the duration of sixty minutes or less.  

Float Sixty's SALT SHOP offers clients an interactive experience with luxurious salt products and essential oils. Our products have origins from all over the globe and our clients can now elevate home bathing to a spa experience. 

Our branding and architecture professionals are working hard to design the physical space where Float Sixty will come to life.  We have spent months searching for the perfect home and are happy announce Cedar St. as our real estate partner with the intent to open our business at the corner of Franklin and Erie in the winter of 2015.  Stay tuned to track our progress and for more information on our grand opening.