float sixty: five european style float suites, four different designs to choose from

All of our private float suites are fully equipped with European style showers and luxurious amenities. We supply everything you need!  Carefully designed to reduce external stimuli, each room has been constructed with state-of-art sound reduction methodologies.  City noise is reduced dramatically and you will feel like you are a world away.  

Float Sixty's Executive Float Suite I with a Float Room

Float Sixty's Executive Float Suite I with a Float Room

our float rooms

Three of Float Sixty's five suites are executive float rooms - these are not "tanks" but more like a personal pool.  The unique wave design of the interior offers wide open space at the head level - almost six feet tall from floor to ceiling. Guests can control the underwater lighting from inside of the float room - seven different color therapy light options are available or simply turn off for no light.  Fully integrated communication controls and music options - the guest is complete control.  

Our super float Pod

Our Super Float Pod creates an environment that is quite unique.  Spacious and airy inside, the control for lights or no lights, sound or no sound is at your fingertips. You can use our auxiliary cord and plug in your phone for music, visualization, guided meditations or even hyper learning!  We recommend shutting it all off and just experiencing the float experience with no stimulus.

Our Samadhi Tank

For over forty years Samadhi Tanks have been designed with optimal functionality and elegant simplicity in mind, focusing on creating the best possible float experience for the user. This means providing an environment with as few distractions as possible, a space of empty nothingness in which the floater is supported in entering the space of silence.

Samadhi places a great deal of attention on providing this simplicity.

Light in the samadhi tank

In their quest to provide the floater with the ultimate experience, Samadhi stays true to John C. Lilly's vision of the tank as a place to escape sensory stimuli and be at peace with the Self. Though a beautiful soft blue light is available for those who may be fearful of the dark at first, with the light off the tank is completely dark and lightproof.


Like absence of light, absence of sound is an important aspect of providing an environment with minimized distraction. Closing the door of the room and laying back so that the ears are underwater eliminates airborne sound but alternating layers of proprietary sound deadening materials make the Samadhi a true escape from the outside world. These are placed underneath the tank to block any structure-borne sound from reaching the floater and entering their experience.