Did you know, that Pregnant Women can Float?

An often recommended supplement in pregnancy, magnesium is key to a comfortable, healthy pregnancy. Soaking in Epsom salt is a wonderful way to help lower blood pressure, relax muscles and lower stress.

There is also the added benefit of connecting with your baby – some women can even hear the baby’s heart beating. Enter a womb like tank and connect with your little one on a deeper level.

As long as you have your doctor or midwife’s clearance to submerge in water, floating will astound you. Not only are YOU floating, but your baby is floating as well. You probably know that after 14 weeks it may not be safe to lie on your back when you are pregnant because it can cut the blood flow to your baby. But you can lie on your back in a Flotation Tank because you are free of gravity, and your blood flow increases. Check out this video from The Morning Blend in Tucson, AZ with Judith Schuler, the author of “Your Pregnancy Book”