intro to floating

Daily at 10:00 am


Join us to learn all about the philosophy of floating and what benefits you can expect when you try it out.  We will give an orientation of the different types of floatation environments and an overview of our approach at FLOAT SIXTY.  There is no charge for this session, registered attendees receive a free soak sak sample for their home use.  


float chat

Daily - On going


Floating makes for some interesting stories.  Share your experiences with the FLOAT SIXTY community through our online forums.  Whether you Yelp, Facebook, Tweet, Vine, Instagram, we'd love to hear  your unique perspective and spread the word about floating.  


soak lab workshop

Mon & Wed: 11a


Have you ever  wanted to make your own custom salt scrub?  How about a fizzy bath bomb?  Oil infused epsom soak?  Join the team at FLOAT SIXTY for an interactive mixing demonstration in our SOAK LAB and leave with your own custom soak blend!  $25 per person, includes one 16oz bamboo container filled with your custom creation!


salt therapy 101

Wed at 12pm


FLOAT SIXTY will share the benefits of transdermal magnesium therapy and the theory behind how the process works.  Books on the topic will be available for sale and the cost of the workshop is $25 per person. Registered guests will receive one 16oz bamboo container filled with their soak of choice from the SOAK LAB


floating art gallery

Fri at 12pm


Floating is very helpful for the creative brain and FLOAT SIXTY wants to see what inspires your artistic side!  Every Friday we will host a mini art gallery in front of our doors and online!  Submit your art and we'll reward one lucky artist with some SOAK LAB goodies!


chef's special



Are you looking for inspiration in the kitchen?  Float with this goal in mind and see what comes out from your next session at  FLOAT SIXTY!  Send us an image of your best float inspired dish and we'll take a vote on the winner for a free SOAK LAB gift!