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ABC7 News Features Float Sixty

By Dionne Miller

Monday, August 08, 2016 07:13PM

CHICAGO (WLS) --When the Chicago Cubs re-built their club house, they included a float tank, which is the latest craze for a healthy body and mind.

A float tank is essentially a personal pool filled with 10 inches of body-temperature water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt.

"It's a zero-gravity experience that cushions your body like a cloud," said Gloria Irwin, owner of Float Sixty in the city's River North neighborhood. She adds: "It really creates that euphoric state of complete weightlessness."

Float Sixty's clients include some of the most-recognized athletes from many Chicago sports teams.

Irwin said the magnesium sulfate helps the body - joints, muscles, etc. - naturally relax.

"It's a natural muscle relaxer. That's why it's so wonderful for people who are physically active," she said.

Jonathan Toews, Jeremy Roenick and Matt Forte are among the floaters at Float Sixty.

"Athletes just understand there are a lot of new methods out there for taking care of their bodies," Irwin said. "The quality of being in that space where there is absolutely no tension on your body whatsoever."

ACB7 Sports reporter Dionne Miller gave it a try. She had a tough time being still for 60 minutes, but believes that the art of stillness can have lasting benefits.

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Float Sixty River North: Overview | LinkedIn

Float Sixty is Chicago's newest and largest Float/Sensory Deprivation Studio. Newly opened in January of 2016 and nestled in the city's River North neighborhood, this is the city's MODERN float and relaxation destination! Float Sixty River North offers guests sixty minute sessions in one of five european-style float suites. Our private suites are fully equipped with state-of-the-art showers and floatation (or floatation) equipment with options for color light therapy and integrated music. For those desiring the true R.E.S.T. (Restricted External Stimuli Therapy) lights/sounds are simply disengaged promoting hyper meditative states in personal private environments. Our sixth suite is dedicated to quiet and is offered as a meditation/relaxation room.

Float rooms, pods and tanks vary in style but are the same in foundation. Guests float effortlessly in a meticulously clear personal pool. Each room is filled with ten inches of water dense with a saline solution containing 1,000 lbs of dissolved, pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate or "Epsom Salts"!

Float Sixty carries a full line of take-home Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts and approximately sixteen salt soak formulas infused with essential oils beneficial to men, women and children. Our retail area offers unique relaxation inspired gifts that appeal to anyone who needs to "detox" from their busy crazy worlds.

Float Sixty - One Clear Hour Specialties Floatation Tanks/Pods/Rooms, Restricted External Stimulation Therapy, Relaxation, Self-Care, Sensory Deprivation Tank, Epsom Salt Products

Website http://www.floatsixty.com Industry Health, Wellness and Fitness Type Privately Held Company Size 1-10 employees Founded 2015


5 Unexpected Ways to Use Epsom Salts (They're Not Just for Baths!): Beauty Blog: Daily Beauty Reporter: allure.com

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Epsom Salts (They're Not Just for Baths!)

I'm not an athlete, I'm not a bath person, and I'm not an 82-year-old, so I've never really felt the need for Epsom salts in my life. But it turns out there are a ton of other ways to use them beyond the standard sore-muscle bath soak. So if you're in need of a little R & R in this post-Christmas-pre-New-Year's (but still stuck in your hometown) lull, here are five at-home treatments you can make using the Epsom salts lurking in the medicine cabinet at your parents' house. (Or you could go out and buy some—we like Dr. Teal's Rosemary Mint Epsom Salt Soaking Solution.)

Sunburn reliever. If you're lucky enough to be spending the holidays somewhere sunny, hopefully you listened to that motherly/Allure voice in your head and wore tons of SPF 50. But in case you did somehow get a sunburn, Epsom salts can help inflamed skin. "I mix a couple of spoonfuls into a cup of water and use a spray bottle to mist it onto the affected area," says Taz Bhatia, the medical director of the Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrated Medicine (and a spokeswoman for Dr. Teal's). "Its anti-inflammatory properties alleviate discomfort."

Lip treatment. If you somehow don't have dry, chapped lips this time of year, congratulations. For everyone else: Make an Epsom-salt scrub by combining the granules with coconut oil and rubbing the mixture into lips. Then wipe the it away with a warm, damp washcloth, and follow with a swipe of lip balm. "Epsom salt is a great exfoliant because its granules are bigger than other salts' and sugars'," says Bhatia. "And because it's a magnesium salt, it's not as harsh as typical sodium chloride salt. It's less drying and less irritating."

Facial. "Epsom salts' natural exfoliating properties deep-clean skin," says Bhatia. Add a half teaspoon to any creamy facial cleanser to turn it into a scrub. "I like to create a salty-steam facial by adding the Epsom salts to a small basin of very hot water and holding it under my face for a few minutes," she says. Then apply a face mask and rinse with cool water.

Body scrub. You could really use the same coconut-oil-Epsom-salt scrub you used on your lips as a body scrub, too (it would work especially well on dry elbows or heels). But Epsom salt on its own also makes for a supereffective body scrub: After your shower, gently massage wet skin with handfuls of the crystals. The coarse texture helps slough away dead skin cells, while the anti-inflammatory properties prevent irritation. Rinse and follow with a moisturizing body cream.

Hair volumizer. Bet you didn't see this one coming: Epsom salts can help remove the oil and product buildup that weigh down hair. For a mask that clarifies without sapping moisture, combine equal parts Epsom salts with your regular conditioner, then comb the mixture through hair and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing.