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RLS and Floating

I haven't gotten a decent night of sleep for 3 years due to my Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), a neurological disorder, and Insomnia. It kept getting progressively worse, to the point of averaging 1-3 hours of sleep per night. As you would imagine, this has caused quite the exhaustion to my days as I still have to work and run my business. I have been on quite the journey to figure out what has been causing this mysterious health issues.  After seeing Eastern, holistic, and Western doctors to no avail, as well as spending thousands of dollars on all sorts of treatments and meds, nothing seemed to cure me. Regretfully, the only thing that would ever offer a decent night of sleep was taking a narcotic and/or xanax. But this was a dark path I did not wish to get addicted to, so I avoided it as much as possible.  After countless frustrating nights of no sleep, I found something that worked! [Enter FLOAT SIXTY into my life!]  I learned about Float 60 during a tasting I was doing for my cookie company at their spa. Who would've thunk the relief I was searching for all these years came from a therapy so simple and natural from floating in 1000 lbs of epson salt. Since starting Float 60, I've been sleeping close to 6 hours per night and my RLS is gone! After I float,  I feel brand new and rebooted. I am happy and full of energy and life.

My experience has also been very spiritual for me as well. You honestly feel like you're escaping and unplugging from the chaotic world we live in--especially living in the city. The calming and therapeutic environment provided by Float 60 takes you to another place you cannot find anywhere else because it forces you to be with yourself and your thoughts. We spend so much time and money working out at the gym and getting our hair and make-up done at the spa, but we fail to realize how important it is to nourish our soul as well.

Lastly, as embarrassing as this sounds, at 42 years old, I never floated a day in my life. It's been a life-long fear I was never able to conquer. Grant it, I know salt makes us more buoyant, but can you imagine how gratifying it was for me to literally float for the first time?! I think this will be my secret weapon to crack through my fear of never learning to swim. I honestly think I'll finally be able to "let go" and trust I can learn to swim at my age.

What I thought would be a relaxing experience turned out to be life changing. For years I was given herbs, supplements, opiates, and xanax, and it turns out all I needed was the natural healing from God's salt and FLOAT 60!

I can't say enough amazing things about my experience with Float 60. I am so grateful. You guys are doing something pretty amazing, and I sure hope more people are able to learn about and benefit from your therapy.


Anna Hagopian

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"You & Me" Feature Reporter Chris DeRose shows and tells about Float Sixty on the WCIU!

"You & Me" Feature Reporter Chris DeRose shows and tells about Float Sixty on the WCIU!

WCIU's Feature Reporter Chris DeRose tries floating at Float Sixty Chicago and tells YOU & ME viewers all about his experience.  

ABC Design Lab — Float Sixty's Branding Partner

As float tank therapy for mind and body renewal, Float Sixty was looking for a visual brand identity that matched the sublime sensory-deprivation experience it offers. To achieve this, ABC immersed itself in research of full-body sensory experiences, and immediately joined forces with Box Studios to understand the spatial, architectural and interior retail design vision, which influenced logo concepting.

What resulted is a modern and intuitive design that not only translates across various applications, but also offers a sophisticated abstraction of the Float Sixty experience. Float Sixty will launch in Chicago this winter with a cohesive and communicative brand identity.